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Lake Livin’ Waterproof Phone Bag


Heading out on the high seas? Going for a dune climb? Need to call in back-up beach supplies? Keep your phone safe from all the elements in this waterproof dry bag while maintaining FULL FUNCTION of your touch screen. You can even answer your phone calls – hearing and talking through the bag. Heck, you can even take pictures through it!



Currently seen in Big Box stores for $30 or more, this bag works great for iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy, HTC and Droid phones. The durable PVC bag is dust proof, snow proof, rain proof, mud proof, and rated waterproof to 30 feet. A quick turn of 2 clasps unlocks the seal and allows easy access. Inside of bag measures approximately 3.5” x X6.25” while empty. Included is a lanyard and integrated soft fabric arm band to help keep it secured and at the ready!

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